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Cast : Jaiyetri Makana, Shoban Chittuprolu and Ajju
Written by P.V.Sai Somayajulu
D.O.P : Anvesh Pogakula
Edited by : Ranjith Kalyan Pulla
Dubbing Engineer : Nagesh
Publicity Designer : Durga Sai
Directed by Shoban Chittuprolu
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  1. Wirally


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    Ee video evarni udhdheshinchi theesindhi kaadhandi..Just for fun!

    • ashwin reddy

      ashwin reddy

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      Hi akka

    • Gulab Mastan

      Gulab Mastan

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      Yaah i also thought that



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    • Chunchu Rajeshwari

      Chunchu Rajeshwari

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      GgujAydarfgx mobile wala game

    • Bhagya's amazing world

      Bhagya's amazing world

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      So ur not making vlogs video 😭😭😭

  2. Swapna


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    What is your channel name

  3. sujana cheerla

    sujana cheerla

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    Hi you can make a video on your lifestyle

  4. Ram Prasad

    Ram Prasad

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    Who thought she really made her vlog channel and check description😂

  5. Manasa Ginjupalli

    Manasa Ginjupalli

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    Excellent Correct ye ga.. Mari prathidi blog ne naa

  6. Lalith kumar

    Lalith kumar

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    Super video hapiee

  7. uma mahesh deshmukh

    uma mahesh deshmukh

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    Etthu pallu bagunnayi

  8. sudha sudha

    sudha sudha

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    Chala u tube channels vunai... aslu vallu enduku vlogs chestunaro emto aurdamkadhu entaku mundu a issue aina family ki share chesevaru but epudu personals kuda vlogs chestunaru emto.....

  9. t sukanya

    t sukanya

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    Next episode please

  10. Rajyalakshmi Maredla

    Rajyalakshmi Maredla

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    Shobhan Anna super

  11. Sandeep Palaparthi

    Sandeep Palaparthi

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    Seriously marugujju anipinchindi bhayya okka shot la

  12. satya avula

    satya avula

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  13. KM The Mega Gamer

    KM The Mega Gamer

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    I actually searched "J3 vlogs" and many channels came!🤣

  14. Sivaprasad Alluri

    Sivaprasad Alluri

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    Back to sketches ani last lo shobhan cheppadu, idhi kuda oka sketch video ne

  15. Varun joseph Muppidi

    Varun joseph Muppidi

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    J3 Studios amazing name

  16. Vamshihhtjahovmm Krishna

    Vamshihhtjahovmm Krishna

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    After seeing this video I search j3 studios 😅😅

  17. Kothapalli Yashasree

    Kothapalli Yashasree

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  18. Malepaati Sudhakar

    Malepaati Sudhakar

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    j)ggvfloods of my friends and👪 andohforcingme to come back toehappen in my life with me and you can see the🎥 is over and I don't think you can see you soon baby👧 is going to bed soon so I have to be a little bit more time to go to😴 now👶 girl is going to bed now

    • Malepaati Sudhakar

      Malepaati Sudhakar

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  19. Sri Venkatamurali

    Sri Venkatamurali

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    Shobhan is in jaati ratnaalu movie



    5 दिन पहले

    1:20 🤭 jaiyetri Is Making Fun Of E3 Studios Powered By Tamada Media Indirectly ! 🤷😅🤭🤗🤨😉🤝

  21. manjula chevva

    manjula chevva

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    Nice ♥♥♥♥👑👑👑👑

  22. manjula chevva

    manjula chevva

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  23. Hemanth Kumar

    Hemanth Kumar

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    Meeru jayetri videos like share commect chusenavallu na comment and like

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    Gowtham Roy

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    Asus rog phone❤️

  25. Sathya Narayana

    Sathya Narayana

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    meru wanta casara real ga wanta casara

  26. Ragha Veni

    Ragha Veni

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    When your religing new video

  27. Lokes Eswar

    Lokes Eswar

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    What is your real name

  28. Krishnaveni Yerrolla

    Krishnaveni Yerrolla

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  29. Krishnaveni Yerrolla

    Krishnaveni Yerrolla

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  30. Krishnaveni Yerrolla

    Krishnaveni Yerrolla

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    It is not nice . I thought it is a real vlog 😞😒😠😡😪 Borring

  31. yathirajpadma Padma

    yathirajpadma Padma

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    Shoban super acting in jati ratnalu movie👌👌

  32. BHAVITHA Akula

    BHAVITHA Akula

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    Please do videos with your akka

  33. Vishangali Angali

    Vishangali Angali

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    Shoban jathiratnalu movie lo vundaduga

  34. shanmukh eswar

    shanmukh eswar

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    😂😂😂 meanwhile wirally, tamada giving channels to whatever people they want

  35. pavan A

    pavan A

    8 दिन पहले

    U first upload bueaty and boss 6

  36. Venkata Siva Midde

    Venkata Siva Midde

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    Janaki chustaru jaitsuuu.. janalu chustaru shobsuu😂😂😂😂

  37. Thuthik Raj

    Thuthik Raj

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    Assom videos while iam sleeping also I will see wirally videos

  38. Uma Maheshwari. R

    Uma Maheshwari. R

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    Nanu nammu janalu chustaru 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Dileep Dudes

    Dileep Dudes

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    Who all observed J3 logo while recording her videos

  40. Maale Siri Reddy

    Maale Siri Reddy

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    Is this real or just video

  41. D.I.Y with Mighty

    D.I.Y with Mighty

    8 दिन पहले

    Where is Beauty and the Boss EP 6???

  42. Padmasri Gadde

    Padmasri Gadde

    8 दिन पहले

    when will you release beauty and the boss ep

  43. Krishna Murthy

    Krishna Murthy

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    J3 fans ❣👫

  44. madhava reddy

    madhava reddy

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    Never expected such foolish video from our jayatei

  45. madhava reddy

    madhava reddy

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  46. Ramarao Garapati

    Ramarao Garapati

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    I love her videos she is also preety

  47. Reddy Prasad

    Reddy Prasad

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    what is mening of vlog

  48. 8E 39 Snehal

    8E 39 Snehal

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    Asus rog phone

  49. Praneetha Muchala

    Praneetha Muchala

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    Love u both❤️

    • Praneetha Muchala

      Praneetha Muchala

      10 दिन पहले

      Jaiyetri - my fav😘

  50. Devashish Malla

    Devashish Malla

    10 दिन पहले

    is the J3 studios really gonna be there.

  51. Tunga Srilatha

    Tunga Srilatha

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  52. Tunga Srilatha

    Tunga Srilatha

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  53. P.Kruthi Reddy

    P.Kruthi Reddy

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    Hii eshika

  54. Charitha reddy .N

    Charitha reddy .N

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    Soooper undhi nijanga atlane chesthunnaru videos asal ee tamada media evadiki padithe vallaki ndhuku chance isthundho emo 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  55. Nakka Ananyaraj

    Nakka Ananyaraj

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    Hello akka can u do real what's in my bag

  56. Khushi B

    Khushi B

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    Do skincare routine



    10 दिन पहले

    I was watching this channel since 5 years the best channel ever and very comedy videos

  58. Jahnavwiy Sabbavarapu

    Jahnavwiy Sabbavarapu

    10 दिन पहले

    Firstly Title and the content of the video is not suitable Which I feel

  59. Bunny Madugula

    Bunny Madugula

    10 दिन पहले

    J3 akka I am big fan u

  60. Ahlad Sreedhrala

    Ahlad Sreedhrala

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    Vlogss cheyyadam chala kastam..

  61. Sagar Kishan

    Sagar Kishan

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    Your vlogs are too funny😂😂

  62. sridevi vanukuri

    sridevi vanukuri

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    Akka Can you shoot your birthday also

  63. Harish Kumar

    Harish Kumar

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    Vlog create cheyyu jayatrii🔥🔥🔥😂😂 plsss

  64. p jayanth

    p jayanth

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    Chese vallane kadu chuse vallani vesukunaru villu😂

  65. Vani Nirmala

    Vani Nirmala

    11 दिन पहले

    Everyone else : Listening what's she's saying Me : Looking at HAKUNA MATATA on her shirt 😂 EDIT : 6:43 - She gave justice to what's written on her shirt!

  66. rama krishna

    rama krishna

    11 दिन पहले

    Super episode

  67. Mogunuru rishindra

    Mogunuru rishindra

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    Yaa I thought it was really been set up and I searched description and I searched INtwo for the channel 😂😂

  68. Veeravalli Charan

    Veeravalli Charan

    11 दिन पहले

    Shobhan became that gotam gaadu...😄😁

  69. Cuberkiller YT

    Cuberkiller YT

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    Shoban Anna in jathiranalu 🤩 well acted

  70. Bhaskar Reddy

    Bhaskar Reddy

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    Jaiyetri Studios superb name thelusa jaiyetri madam?

  71. Buggaiah K

    Buggaiah K

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    Bad video

  72. v creatives

    v creatives

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    Viewers Andaru Gorrelu 😂



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  74. roshan rockzz

    roshan rockzz

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    Did anyone noticed shoban’s ASU’s rog mobile

  75. Satyanarayana Kammula

    Satyanarayana Kammula

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    Is really jayithri started channel

  76. Pagdimarry philp

    Pagdimarry philp

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    You really creat a channel is it really or fake or you told just for this video you told aa

  77. kamalika Puvvada

    kamalika Puvvada

    11 दिन पहले

    It's nice but naju amibartamkala

  78. Sai keerthi Bachina

    Sai keerthi Bachina

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    I thought that she was starting a new vlooging channel

  79. daida Saidulu

    daida Saidulu

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    Vammoo dhiniki enthaa action nejanga vlog channel anukunaa niii

  80. chandu yadav

    chandu yadav

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    Mostly related to Lasya talks

  81. Gamer Suhas

    Gamer Suhas

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    Kaasko Ni Baga Roast Chesesaru Bayya 😂🤣😹😂😹😹😂🤣🤣



    11 दिन पहले

    Who thought she really made her vlog channel and check in description 😍😍😍

  83. Narayanaswamy HV

    Narayanaswamy HV

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    Shobhan bro is in jathirathnalu movie... right wirally team

  84. Madam sir Madam anthe

    Madam sir Madam anthe

    11 दिन पहले

    Nenu video sagam choosi description check chesa em ledu search chesa j3studios ani em raledu ai taruvatha video motham chuste ardam aindhi dheenni batti ardhamaindhi entante video motham chudakunda excitement tho undadam tappu ani🤣🤣🤣

  85. ramu polimati

    ramu polimati

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    Mamulu action kadu, what's in bag appudu😁😂😂😂

  86. bujji marriboyina

    bujji marriboyina

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    Jaiyetri I love you so much mam

  87. harikrishna reddy

    harikrishna reddy

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    I have thought it was real and I searched the channel.. 😂

  88. Thota loni Monagada

    Thota loni Monagada

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    Evadiko punch padindi

  89. Amani manda

    Amani manda

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    Last dialoug is very comedy J3 studio shut down 😂😂

  90. Bhavana Vuppala

    Bhavana Vuppala

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    J3 we really need u to start a vlog channel... With super content💓

  91. omikeerthana 2003

    omikeerthana 2003

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    This video is so funny 😂😂😂😂

  92. S Laksmi

    S Laksmi

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    I am janu your video s is good

    • S Laksmi

      S Laksmi

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  93. S Laksmi

    S Laksmi

    12 दिन पहले

    You get out shopes am janu sorry

  94. Sailaja Reddy

    Sailaja Reddy

    12 दिन पहले

    Really she is like this



    12 दिन पहले

    Please do shopping vlog

  96. Mahendra Reddy Kondasani

    Mahendra Reddy Kondasani

    12 दिन पहले

    Verey pani em leda naku.. Bongulo ni gurinchi kuda alochistara 😄😄😄😄

  97. Rohan Sarkar

    Rohan Sarkar

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  98. Lavanya devarasetty

    Lavanya devarasetty

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    Well said 👍

  99. Naresh Chennoj

    Naresh Chennoj

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    Irritated with Vlogs concept, janmalo chudanu ...

  100. Supremehero Surya

    Supremehero Surya

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    O my god ఏంటి మా జయత్రి.....🙆‍♂️😆😂😂 ఈ episode